Space Practices and Politics

serial of lectures, talks and events
September – December 2009, Ljubljana

The aim of the events under the title Space Practices and Politics is to present current researches and projects which cross the realm of art, architecture and urbanism and deal with diverse pressing issues of the contemporary urban environment. The program lays particular attention to critical analysis and creative suggestions which enable unusual and poetic uses and visions of contemporary cities; to the relation between city and nature, between art/culture and city planning/development; possibilities of reviving the public domain, re-claiming and re-thinking our spaces and empowering our decisions and actions within the city; critical rethinking of the notion of participation in art, architecture and urban planning; and to the possibilities of temporary uses of spaces and objects.

19th November 2009, 7 p.m., Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana
Lectures on art in public space, urbanism and politics

- Britta Peters, Local Politics and Art in Public Space: For Example Hamburg
In her lecture, Britta Peters will give a brief history of the city of Hamburg “art in public space” program and its prominent projects. In second part she will present recent development of that program in connection to city gentrification processes. In this regard she will focus on the situation in a specific part of the city, Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg, which used to be a disregarded area of the city and is now under big regeneration plan in which art in public space plays a decisive role.

Mandla Reuter, »Pictures«, Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg, 2007
Photo: Babette Brandenburg

- Vesna Vuković, UrbanFestival. Politics of Space
(Some observations on the difficult relation of art, urbanism and politics)
In her lecture Vesna Vuković will present UrbanFestival, Zagreb which since 2001 deals with the questions of public space, art in public space, possibilities of co-existence and city antagonisms. It does so through specific topics, hybrid artistic-research projects focusing at reconsidering urban structure and social phenomena, as well as through specific forms of production. Starting from UrbanFestival examples, Vesna Vuković will talk about how artistic actions propose alternative to the existing urban practices, institutions, and social relations.

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