Dinamo Door Dance

Polonca Lovšin, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge (UK), 2009

Dynamo Door Dance is a performance based on dynamo devices implemented in Amphis building at Wysing Arts Centre. These devices are slightly changed camping gadgets of different types: squeeze torches, string and pull torches and phone chargers, windup camping lamps and Faraday torches. The electricity is produced by jumping and stepping on them and is immediately transformed into light and sound attached to basic architectural parts in Amphis.

A choreographer Henrietta Hale did a choreography for seven dancers producing electricity through the performance. Beside thinking about alternative energy solutions the project is underlining the importance of collaboration,
interdisciplinary and logic of cause and effect.

The project was realized in collaboration with: Henritetta Hale and Dr. Richard McMahon, Ph.D. student Aeffendi Hashim, assistant choreographer Maria Sanderson and six volunteers Judith, Laura, Lenka, Sheila, Katherine and Peter.

The project is supported by: Wysing Arts Centre, Visiting Arts, RSA Arts and Ecology, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.