Stefan Doepner – rotating instruments

Stefan Doepner
Rotating Speaker – microphone system
Sound performance by Stefan Doepner, Bogdana Herman and Boštjan Leskovšek

Sound Explicit festival, Center and Gallery P74, Ljubljana, 2008

At the performance Stefan Doepner played his new prototype device – computer driven rotating loud-speaker which functions as a microphone. Bogdana Herman improvises with the sound effects and characteristics of the rotating instrument, her voice and sounds of the instrument are live computer processed by Boštjan Leskovšek.

Supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.

rotating loud-speaker - microphone system

Stefan Doepner playing rotating speaker microphone
Short clip from the performance at Cirkulacija2 space, Rog Factory, Ljubljana, 2008

Sound event for mechanics, voice and computer by Stefan Doepner and Bogdana Herman
Performed at Cirkulacija2 space, Rog Factory, Ljubljana, 2007

Since some time Stefan Doepner deals with different possibilities of dynamic sound performing. For this project he developed several rotating instruments which are connected to computer driven motors. The inspiration for rotating instruments was taken from instruments which are used as communication tools and totems in Australian and African culture (bullroarer in churinga). Those instruments are originally made of stone or wood, shaped in the form of a wing and attached to a rope. With rotating they produce specific sound. Later on we found out that similar instruments are known also in Slovenia.

Bogdana Herman, which is known for her research and interpretation of Slovene and world-wide music heritage, improvises with the effects and characteristics of rotating instruments´s sounds. Computer processed voice by Bogdana Herman and sounds of rotating instruments are transmitted by rotating loud-speakers (Rotobossophon*) which transmits sound in different space and time dimensions and by this shape complex sound situation.

Realized in collaboration with f18 Institut and Cirkulacija 2 initiative.
Supported by the Ljubljana Municipality-Department for Culture.

*Rotobossophon was developed by the f18 Institut for the Swiss artist Andres Bosshard.